In the 19th century, Chicago built the world’s first modern skyscraper. In the 20th century, we created a world-renowned skyline. And today, Chicago aspires to make that skyline the most efficient on the planet. – Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Michigan Plaza


205 and 225 North Michigan Avenue


East Loop


Michigan Plaza, LLC

Property manager

MB Real Estate

Year Constructed

225 North Michigan: 1981; 205 North Michigan: 1984


Fujikawa Johnson

Sq. Footage



225 North Michigan: 26 Stories; 205 North Michigan: 45 stories

Building Description

The two buildings were originally developed as the last in the Illinois Center development of the 1970's and 1980's. Most notable is the Miesian design elements that were incorporated by his student Jerry Johnson in the original design of the buildings. Currently the entrance is predominately featured with a sweeping red canopy to distinguish the property in the East Loop.

Year Joined the Retrofit Chicago Energy Challenge

January 2014