In the 19th century, Chicago built the world’s first modern skyscraper. In the 20th century, we created a world-renowned skyline. And today, Chicago aspires to make that skyline the most efficient on the planet. – Mayor Rahm Emanuel

CNA Headquarters


333 South Wabash Avenue




Continental Casualty Company (CNA)

Property manager

Buck Management Group LLC

Year Constructed



Graham, Anderson, Probst & White

Sq. Footage





598”- 5 ½ “

Building Description

CNA opened its first headquarters in Chicago in the early 1900's. As the company grew, so did its need for commercial space. In 1974, the current 45 story office tower was completed.  CNA is dedicated to being a leader in all regards, including its energy footprint. In 2012, it retrofit common area light fixtures, installed motion sensors in mail conveyor rooms on each floor and began the retrofit of exit and stairwell signs from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. In 2010 a retrofit upgrade was completed to the boilers, a new roof was installed at the cooling tower well and chilled water coils and condensate pans were replaced.

Historical fact

The iconic red color was chosen to differentiate CNA from the other "Miesian" office towers on the Chicago skyline. CNA continues to invest in its headquarters to ensure the building remains an iconic leader on the skyline. CNA's window displays are famous for memorializing the tragedy of September 11, as well as reflecting the company's civic pride in the Police and Fire Departments, Blackhawks, the White Sox, Bears and Cubs.

Year Joined the Retrofit Chicago Energy Challenge

June 2012